Danger of turning into a cat blog, isn’t that right Shelby? – 24th April 2012

Wellity, wellity, wellity. So I was very ill last week. It was easily the worst illness I’ve had in years and I broke my record of vlogging every day for almost a month. I couldn’t get out of bed and didn’t even have the energy to turn on the TV and watch anything. It was some kind of food poisoning, at least that’s the explanation I’m sticking with. I didn’t eat anything fancy but my stomach was in ruins for days. I had to miss 5 days of work which sucked so much. Not only was I feeling like crap, I was unable to work, to earn money, or even knock a few more films off of the list for the Epic Film Challenge. Connie was also a little ill on one of the days so we were both ill at home all day. To make matters worse the moment a barrage of unforgiving, relentless spew barreled out of my throat, my Mum was leaving for 4 days. Which meant I had to watch after all 4 of our cats, make sure they all had their own individual food and water, separating them and picking up all their crap. It was hard to walk, let alone do all that, so it was an awful week that I’m glad is over. Even after I had half recovered my stomach was rumbling non stop for nearly 2 days, one of the most uncomfortable feelings I’ve ever experienced that gradually transitioned from uncomfortable to painful.

Even more annoying than that, I ate nothing for 2 days and very little for the remaining 3. You’d think I’d lose a bit of weight, right? Nah, not at all. Really need to put some effort into doing that myself though, now I can move around normally again. In other news, we got another cat. Yeah. Another one. That’s two that me and Connie now have, plus the 3 my Mum has. Though I’m sure Willow will be gone any week now, she was throwing up blood last night which is a worry. I love that cat and she’s been with us for at least 15 years, and even then we didn’t know how old she was. It feels like it’s going to be here time soon, which is going to be a sad day for me. So I was working last week and Connie appeared out of nowhere, asking if we could get another kitten. Immediately I was skeptical, mainly for monetary reasons, and also because of Lily. How would she take another cat? Let alone one that would be sleeping in the same room as her. Though I had to admit deep down I’d love to have another little kitten again, and I know that it’d be giving the little bugger a loving home.

So I took my break and went up to the pet shop to see a group of black cats with little touches of white. I said I was fine with it and Connie got the cute one with the white whiskers. After debating all night while I was in work, we threw around a few names. I say “we” it was more Connie giving me names and me shooting them down. Like Bella, Luna, Gizmo and a few others. I wouldn’t have minded Bella, and Gizmo was awesome but sounded too silly. When I got home from work I was told that Lily was super offended and being really reclusive. Connie brought up names again and mentioned Shelby, her favourite car. It seemed to fall into place and I liked it, so Shelby it was. It’s different, I like it. If the bad news was Lily was offended, the good news was that Shelby knew how to clean herself and had no problem jumping up onto the bed. When we got Lily, she couldn’t clean herself and we had to wipe her ass every time she took a dump which was a major pain in the…well, ass.

Over the last week Lily has gotten used to the idea of Shelby but still hisses at her if she gets too close or tries to play. It’s going surprisingly well. Meer is a little distant but she always is, Willow doesn’t care and Charlie is fine with anyone it seems. He just continues to have that dopey look on his face most of the time. I have to say Shelby is really nice, when she’s not running around, digging her claws in too hard, jumping all over the place, digging into anything that makes an annoying sound and whining non stop….okay so she’s kind of a major annoyance! However, her soft fur, tendency to cuddle up to you, sit on your lap and purr, kind of makes up for it. Hopefully she’ll grow into it and stay as cute. Lily seems so much bigger now, and grown up. She always stuck to herself but it’s really evident now, and she behaves herself a lot more which is great.

Wow, so this is turning into a proper cat blog. The vlog is also in danger of turning into a cat vlog, one of the recent videos was just cat footage because I couldn’t be bothered to film anything else. Oh well! The new Trials game came out last week too, which has been a major highlight. Trials HD, a game released on the Xbox Live service a few years ago, is maybe one of my favourite games ever. So, long overdue, Trials Evolution has finally been released and improves on everything the first game laid down.

The tracks are now all outdoors and the scope is just fantastic. There’s also online multiplayer action, so it’s just a joy to play. For anyone playing along at home, it’s a 2.5D game, where you ride motorbikes across 3D levels, on a 2D plain. So all you control is the tilt of the bike, and the speed. It’s ridiculously addictive and I’ve already started cementing my place as the new Trials master. What makes the game so amazing is that you can create your own tracks, and the room for creativity is utterly endless. It’s hard to do, but with effort and time, you can create tracks worthy of being in the main game, and sharing them online couldn’t be easier. A 10/10 already for me.

An example of a user created track, and this isn't even pushing the capabilities

In closing, for now, I’ll leave a few pictures. The first is Charlie giving me a “look” after watching Shelby bounce around playing. The second is Shelby the day after we got her. The third is when I filmed Shelby, and Lily creeped up on her from behind the sofa, before noticing I was there and looking at me with the guiltiest face I’ve ever seen a cat have.



Boring ‘Mania – 13th April 2012

So here it is, roughly, give or take a few days, 20 days since my last blog! It seems I actually convinced myself I was going to keep these up on an almost daily basis! Oh Luke, you should know yourself by now. It’s like what was I THINKING? Nevertheless, I’m here now and writing a little bit. The main problem has been my time consuming video pursuits. I’ve been keeping a daily video blog for a few weeks which has been quite fun, and quite tiresome, but I feel it’ll pay off in the future. I managed to keep it up so far, so it’s kind of an unofficial challenge in my head to see how far I can take it. One day I vlogged about a headache. Groundbreaking stuff. The past few weeks have brought very little stories to interest myself, let alone anyone else. WrestleMania XXVIII was great, and the night was even better. Myself, Dave, Rich, Matt, and Marshy went over Denzel’s place to watch it. Though most of us were of the agreement that it was a good WrestleMania but not a standout one, with a lackluster undercard, I think just getting together was more than enough to make an enjoyable night. I like the fact that wherever we all may be over the years, we’ll probably always still get together to watch WrestleMania every April.

I started joining in on the WrestleMania fun in 2007. My group of wrestling mates became a part of my life around 2004, but I wasn’t quite close enough with them by then to watch ‘Mania with them untill 4am at someones place. Then again, I’m not sure the big get together’s were that regular then either. In 2007 we didn’t see much of WrestleMania because most of the UK’s services had trouble and we got a still image every 5 minutes or so, along with the commentary just teasing us. It was the first night I got really drunk, as Ben lay on the living room floor at the Jones household, cradling a bottle of cheap Vodka in his sleeping bag. He kept nodding off and I kept creeping up to snatch the bottle, but he’d wake up everytime, snatching back his beloved alcohol, which was pretty funny until he eventually stayed asleep. I wondered to do, now having the Vodka in hand, so I began drinking it from the bottle, and madness ensued. Before I knew it, I had a plastic bowl in my lap, and I was throwing up into it. Everyone else found it funny at least.

From 2008, it’s been a yearly event, where most of us, a core group of certain people, meet up to watch the show. 2009, aka WrestleMania 25(I refuse to call the event by it’s official, wrong name), was a great night, the aftermath of which was captured on camera and you can check out if you so wish below:

It was cool this year to finally see the event with Denzel since 2009, having missed out the past two years for various reasons, as much as he wanted to watch it with everyone. So he was psyched to watch it at his place, as was I. He’s definitely my best mate out of everyone, so it sucked when he couldn’t make it the last two years. I ordered a massive Dominos and enjoyed being unhealthy. Whereas I usually just eat and drink unhealthily without thinking about it, and regret it afterwards. But this was WrestleMania dammit!

Anyway, I feel like the daily vlogs more than account for day to day preservation, which is what I want to get out of all of this. I contemplated posting all the vlogs here, and maybe I will, but for now I’m going to leave it. Along with this particular blog, because of course, it’s 5am!

I’ve also been avidly continuing my Blu-ray collecting, naturally.