Twenty Four – 4th July 2012

So, we all knew this was gonna happen. Or at least I knew this was going to happen. Many months without blogging. Well I’ve been falling behind on vlogging too, which I was so regularly into. I’ve tried to keep up but with work and the huge amount of video content I’m putting out on my main YouTube channel, it’s hard to find the time and motivation. I need to keep watching films as we’re in the final 2 weeks of the Epic Film Challenge. In 12 days 20 films need to be watched and reviewed to reach that elusive Episode #365 by the 20th July this year. It’s been a blast and for episode #300 I made a super cool music video showing clips from all the films we’d watching from episode #151 to episode #300. It all ended in a mini Marvel marathon as we reviewed the Spiderman Trilogy, almost all of the Avengers lead in films and then The Avengers itself. Which really, really, ruled.

Of course I’m sat here at 4am(when else?) writing this and even contemplating just continuing this tomorrow(later on today). Tomorrow, or to my body clock, in two days, it will be my birthday. Which marks the start of six days off and the day after that me and Connie will be going to Manchester. We will be visiting one of my best friends(of which there are few) Alex and hopefully having some fun for a few days. She surprised me with the trip as my birthday present and just couldn’t keep the secret for long so told me last Wednesday, a full week before my birthday itself. I could tell she was dying to tell me ever since she must have decided. It was when her sister Siv was visiting Wales from Norway a few weeks ago(which was fun, and cool to see her after such a long time), that she said to me “I’ve got you part of your birthday present, and Siv knows what it is, so -don’t- try to get it out of her, and don’t try to push it out of me either.” I then literally pushed her and after laughing she said “I’m serious!” to which I said “I don’t want to know if its a surprise, you’re the one who’s ‘pushing’ it.”

She wanted to tell me more than I wanted to know about it. Which isn’t altogether that unusual as we’re both so impatient and excited  when it comes to giving each other gifts and surprises. This is where I went to sleep and it is now 24 hours later, at 01:19AM on the 4th July, my birthday.

So I am now 24. Yup. Look at that mug. I’m getting older, one year closer to death and halfway to 48. Can you believe it. The future holds a move to Norway this year and I’ll write about that at another time I think. I feel like there’s just so much to write about and I don’t even want to get started. In May I went to the Greek island of Kos for a week to attend my Dad’s wedding, which was awesome and I was so glad to be able to go. It was a great holiday too, at the 5 star all inclusive Blue Lagoon Resort. It was my first and hopefully not last taste of all inclusive-ness. It was more than anything a great week spent with family I rarely see. I could write about that week for a long time.

Plans for this summer include a return to filmmaking as I attempt to make Misplaced. A film I made in 2004 was called Misplaced and this one is strongly linked though it is neither a sequel or a remake(as I had originally wanted to do). It’s more of a meta film and I’m really excited to sink my teeth into it. It’s daunting as I’ll be on screen for around 99.9% of the time but it’s gonna be a great challenge.

Of course I forgot to mention how Connie told me about the trip to Manchester this week. It was awesome and so…”Connie”. She drew me a multi-panel comic book of her keeping it a secret until we got on the bus, almost as a happy medium considering she wanted to tell me way before that point. It’s cool that she planned it with Alex and my Mum, it makes me happy that she can plan something for me with one of my friends for some reason. I can’t wait to go there and hang out for an extended period with Alex, his girlfriend and of course Connie. It should be a great time. For now, signing off.