New Year, Same Me – 5th January 2013

It’s officially been 6 months and one, single, solitary day, since I last posted a blog here. Will I re-focus my efforts as a textbook “New Years Resolution”? No, probably not. I’ve got far too many things on my plate. I would apologise, but lets be realistic. The main bulk of reading on this blog site is done with my own eyes. It’s nice to look back and reflect, but I’ve found videos to be a quicker and easier way of doing that. I really was enjoying the blog writing when I kick started this new one off, but I always ends up feeling like there’s so much more to do.

Creatively, I feel smothered. I have books I want to write, films I want to make, graphics I want to design, videos I want to make for YouTube, archiving projects I want to complete, films I want to watch, TV shows I want to watch, books I want to read. Ok so maybe the last few weren’t exactly creative outlets but they do spur on my motivation. A good movie always sparks my interest in making my own masterpiece one day. I know there’s one in there somewhere. Whether I’ll manage to find it or not remains to be seen.

I have a set of “goals” for the year, and plan to contribute to one of them at least once a day. They are:

– Print a physical copy of my 2010 novel In The Flesh

– Write a new book that I will try to self publish

– Make a new film

– Complete the WCWe Documentary

– Attempt to regain my Herculean 13 year old physique

– Complete the No Stairway! Collection project

– Watch every Blu-ray I own

– Plan and prepare a LEJOG bike ride for 2014

– Watch every Akira Kurosawa film

– Watch more movies that I’ve never seen

– Make a video every day(partly to push myself into completing said goals)

So far I’ve been blasting away at the No Stairway! Collection project. A set of DVDs of all my old(and new) films, with extras, commentaries etc. The main bulk of time is coming from capturing stuff from VHS to DVD to laptop etc. Great fun though and funny to watch back also. I’m sticking to the goal of making a vlog or random video every day for this whole year, not including my main YouTube review channel. Yep, lot to do, but if I do it, I’ll somehow feel like my time here isn’t as wasted as it probably is.

Look out for the next blog post in many, many months. I’m moving to Norway in February. Eek!