Vlogs Over Blogs – 10th February 2013

So every vlog I make on YouTube, ends with a link to this blog. Only I haven’t used this blog in over a month, yet I’ve recorded a vlog for every day of 2013 so far. I guess this means, for the time being, vlogs>blogs. And why is that? Well, it’s easier. Most of my vlogs are very stream of consciousness, talking about such utterly inconsequential things that on more than one occasion I have found myself becoming bored of what I’m even saying. Man that was a long sentence. Anyway, Norway soon. Just had my little bro Tommy over for a night and day, we went to see Wreck It Ralph, it was great. I’ve now updated the YouTube tab on the header of this site to link to my YouTube vlog channel. I’ve also added a menu bar to take you to my film production company, where my latest film has just been released.