Well, well, well – 19th October 2016

So, my last post here was on February of 2013. 2013.

2013 Luke.
2013 Luke.

It got me thinking, back to when I was just about to move out for the first time, to move to a different country, and how much has changed since then. It would be fun to travel back to February 2013 Luke and tell him that in the space of three years he’d be going on to travel to America, attend a WrestleMania, see David Gilmour play live, write a book, finally lose all that weight, discover movies that would change his life, finally cut his hair short (and keep it that way to the point of long hair seeming odd), get paid to make videos about movies, have over a million people see those videos, and a plethora of other things.

A lot can change in a week. In three years things can become almost unrecognisable. While the changes in my life aren’t quite that drastic, it’s still quite odd to think every now and again how crazy it is that I’ve been living in Norway for over three years. This game could go on forever though, with thousands of variables, as I imagine myself reassuring 2007 Luke that in a couple of years my life would begin to completely change and to hang on in there. Or prompting 1996 Luke to ask that girl out, otherwise she would fade away completely. Or pushing 2003 Luke to just lean fucking forward and listen otherwise he’ll regret it forever.

Anyway. Hm.

Back in 2013 I had a vlogging channel, which I since abandoned, but have continued vlogging alongside all of my regular movie content on my YouTube profile RazorwireReviews. I even coined the term “vlogumentary” a couple of months after abandoning this blog, to fit my more elaborate, feature length event videos like the 24 Hour Movie Marathon, which take about as much effort as a film to make, but are essentially a long form vlog.

Part of me would love to get back to writing here, but hey, as Han Solo once said with a sly grin “it’s me.” I will endeavour to use this site for at least something and start logging entries for all of my vlogs, which will result in an absolute clusterfuck of a timeline, but I can catergorise them for easy access through this site which will be handy. I will probably include anything that is vlog-like, including the “vlogumentaries” and who knows, maybe I’ll pop back with written posts here and there.

I plan to finish off my novel Messages from Dad (coming to a book store near you in 2027) in November, so maybe I could even warm up my writing muscles by going back to some of those said key events over the past three years and write about them. I could fill a whole book with the US trip no doubt. Which also had a series of vlogs. Which I will also log here.

2016 Luke.
2016 Luke.

Well, well, well. I think that’s all for now. Just remember, wherever you go… there you are.


Wrote to 10 Hours The Last of Us Remastered Menu Music.


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