About Me

I’ve kept some kind of blog for the better part of the last decade, with intermittent results at best. This will serve as a further chronicling of my infrequent blog posts, along with an archive of all of my video blogs, or “vlogs” also.

Me and Connie, 2016.
Me and Connie, 2016.

About Me:

  • I’m in my late 20s
  • I’m from South Wales in the UK
  • I currently live in Norway
  • I am engaged to a Norwegian artist/musician/hairdresser/cat lover/tarantula keeper/angry gamer
  • I work freelance with video editing
  • I’m a wannabe writer and have nearly completed my first true novel: Messages From Dad
  • Filmmaking is my number 1 passion, and has been for a number of years
  • I’m a huge wrestling fan
  • I used to be a backyard wrestler for most of my young adult life
  • I hate eggs
  • I love sleep
  • I hate mornings
  • I make lots of videos on YouTube, I’m weird like that


The 2012 version (when I launched this iteration of my ongoing “blog”)

  1. I am 23; halfway to 46.
  2. I am engaged to a Norwegian artist/musician/hairdresser/Starbucks employee/angry gamer
  3. I am a customer assistant at Tesco
  4. I am a writer(I like to think)
  5. I am a vlogger(hopefully a consistent blogger now too)
  6. I am a video editor
  7. I am a wannabe filmmaker
  8. I am a former backyard wrestler
  9. I am a huge professional wrestling fan
  10. I am an even huger movie fan
  11. I am obsessed with all things Pink Floyd/Rush/John Lennon
  12. I am not going to end this list on an unlucky number

    Old picture. Long hair RIP.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Chris Moffat 16/03/2012 / 5:07 PM

    Thanks so much for adding my channel to the link thing at the side.Means so much. Loving the site!

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