Growing up it all seemed so one sided – 14th March 2012

So it’s 4am and I’m up making a new blog site whilst listening to Rush. The reason being I’m usually up this later after working untill nearly midnight. I do that at least 3 nights a week, and can never sleep as soon as I get in. I’ll then sleep untill noon or even later, before getting up and doing it all over again. I’m a night person, I feel more comfortable in the night, and about ten times more productive, annoyingly. That’s the way its been for about eight years, ever since I left school and didn’t necessarily need to be up early the next day. So in introduction to this blog, a somewhat spiritual sequel to Save Luke Ryan, which you can always check out here. 

It’s a blog that spans 2007-2009, rather sporadically mind you. I may get around to posting those entries on here as some kind of look into the past, as I’d prefer to have all my blog entries on one site, but we’ll see, I already have about a million other things to do it seems. Anyway, introduction, right. So my name is Luke, as the title of the blog goes, and I’m 23. Halfway to 46, and currently working for Tesco as a Customer Assistant. Emphasis on the ‘ass’, because the job is often ASS.(as the Angry Video Game Nerd would say) Just a few hours ago, I was stood behind the till serving customers through the night and a fairly disgruntled old man came towards me, plopping down a vast array of chocolatey treats for himself. I scanned them through, as you do, and asked if he wanted any school vouchers.(vouchers Tesco give to customers after they’ve spent a certain amount, going towards equipment for local schools) He looked at me as though I’d just told him he needed a wash and after a tense back and forth explanation of what the vouchers were, he glared at me, bought his things and left.

I just don’t understand, and will never, how people can be so moody over nothing. Who the hell gets mad at being offered something?! This kind of thing happens all the time, the residents of Penarth are so bizarre. I must think “you can’t write this shit” at least three times a week. However, I could fill a short book with stories like that, so will move on from this pointless tangent. I work in retail and have no discernible career at the end of road, unless I move up the Tesco ladder, which is unlikely. I’m kind of stuck at a crossroads, with hundreds of paths going off in all kinds of directions. I’ve been camping out at that point for a few years now.

I’m engaged to an amazing, Norwegian artist/musician/hairdresser. At the moment she’s living here in Wales with me, and in the very near future I will be making the leap to move to Norway for a year or so. More on that later I imagine. I’m super lucky to be with her, to have someone I can laugh with every single day. Among many things, she’s very good at drawing on Photoshop, I’ll leave an example of her work at the bottom of this vlog, just to show off one of the many talents my future wife has.

As for my creative outputs, where to start? I’ve been “making films” since I was 10, and have been off and on with that one ever since. I currently run a YouTube channel which started out as an outlet to review and talk about professional wrestling, and WWE DVDs. It has since turned into a channel that features movie reviews, Blu-ray and DVD reviews, movie collections and more recently personal, random vlogs. On the topic of wrestling, I used to wrestle myself for a number of years, roughly 2001-2011. I was a backyard wrestler, and proud of it. I’m gonna talk about that someday too, because I’ve got a lot of stories to tell, from wrestling in a barn, to wrestling in front of 250 people in a professional ring. Which leads on to my writing – I’ve loved books and writing stories since I was able to comprehend such things. My teachers were always impressed with my enthusiasm for reading when I first started primary school. I’ve had a few novels in the works since I was very young and in 2010 I completed a 50,000 word novel in under a month, as part of the National Novel Writing Month. 

It turned out well but wasn’t perfect, I hope to someday fine tune a really great story into a really great novel. I know I have it in me, its just having the motivation and inspiration to spur me on and plow through writers block to get it done. I’m also nearly done with a memoir on my backyard wrestling days(which is how wrestling led into writing) which I hope to have finished soon. I almost want to rewrite parts of it so that anyone could read it and follow my crazy journey through the world of wrestling for fun, but I doubt even the wrestlers I know would read it so I won’t bother! I still think if I could somehow force people to read it, they would like it, there’s many funny stories from the “road” travelling around the UK by train and bus to wrestle, not to mention all the personal conflicts and big life moments. A tale of one man’s journey into adulthood, as a backyard wrestler. Wouldn’t sell well would it?

Along with wrestling I edited hundreds of music videos of backyard events.(wrestling events condensed into short music videos, sometimes showing clips of the matches, sometimes really going into the story of a match, all kinds of styles) So I’d call myself a pretty damn good video editor, and along with writing, one of two things I can say I’m very good at. Anything else I may or may not be good at, I’m too self deprecating and void of confidence to believe.

So my YouTube channel keeps me extremely busy(me and Connie are attempting to watch and review/vlog about 365 films in a year, we just hit 230), work keeps me extremely busy and any down time I have, I just feel lethargic and lazy, thus, un-productiveness becomes my reluctant friend. If you’ve read this, feel free to follow me on Twitter(though I mostly Tweet about wrestling) and subscribe to me on YouTube(if you like vloggers, or movies, or wrestling, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest) simply by checking out the tabs in the header above. In closing I’ll leave you with Connie’s awesome portrait of Dean and Sam Winchester from the show Supernatural, and a few lines from the awesome song I’m listening to, which has provided the unrelated title of this post. Why? Because I can. Oh and I’ll throw in a video that encapsulates(as best as it can) my whole life up to 23, in three minutes. I’m cool like that.

Sprawling on the fringes of the city
In geometric order
An insulated border
In between the bright lights
And the far unlit unknown

Growing up it all seems so one-sided
Opinions all provided
The future pre-decided
Detached and subdivided
In the mass production zone
Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone

– Luke