24 Hour Movie Marathon II: 24 Hours of Movies – 16th to 19th March 2013

16th – 19th March 2013

24 Hour Movie Marathon II: 24 Hours of Movies

My first feature length “vlogumentary” clocking in at almost one hour and forty five minutes, chronicling mine and Connie’s efforts to marathon 24 hours worth of films over a four day period. The initial challenge set down by YouTuber Ryan Chattaway in 2012 was to watch films for 24 hours straight, but we not so much tweaked as we did bend the rules until they snapped, and enjoyed a long, loooong weekend watching films. It was great.

And my worries that my YouTube audience wouldn’t take too kindly to the length of the video were soon washed away with the overwhelmingly positive response, which has lead to my now annual 24 Hour Movie Marathon video becoming the most popular event on my channel every year.